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Terry & Shelley Severson

Our Story

Terry Severson was a self-proclaimed atheist for 29 years of his life, a lot of those years were filled with turmoil. He found himself addicted to alcohol at the age of 14, and that led to several suicide attempts, it is only by the grace of God that Terry is alive today.


At the age of 19, life took a dramatic turn when he met Shelley, he now wanted to live life. Terry and Shelley have now been married for 37 years, they have 5 children and 3 grandchildren. They met in 1982 but never met Jesus till 1991 and it was then that life started coming together. In 1998 they went to Pensacola Florida to the Brownsville Revival and life changed forever as they were filled with the Fire Of God. 


Terry and Shelley started their pastoral ministry in Sturgis, Saskatchewan, where they spent 3 years. They spent 1 year in Regina and then pastored in Assiniboia at the Apostolic Church for10 years.


They are now in Saskatoon, Sk, pastoring at Christ the Healer Gospel Church since January of 2018.

Toro Ministries

Terry & Shelley founded TORO Ministries Inc in 2017.


TORO is an acronym for 'Teach One, Reach One'. They have a desire to have a church full of people who love Jesus, and who are equipped to reach people with The Gospel Of The Kingdom.


Their desire is to reach people, and then teach people to reach people, and be partakers in a Kingdom Explosion.

Christ the Healer Gospel Church

Christ the Healer Gospel Church is located at 136 Ave F South, in Saskatoon, SK.


Services are Sunday at 10:30am & 6:30pm, and Wednesday at 7:30pm.

The Armoury bible study is Saturday at 11am - 1pm.

Additional prayer meetings are from Tuesday to Friday at 10am-12pm.

To learn more on how Christ the Healer came to be, listen here to an interview with Terry Severson on CBC radio:

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